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Your Questions, Answered: FAQs About Application Migration

As you may already know, application migration is the intricate process of relocating an application program from one setting to another. For example, you might want to migrate an application from the public cloud to a private cloud environment. Y0u may also take up migration to move from an on-premise server to a cloud provider’s environment. Although, not everyone who requires application migration may not understand the time and equipment necessary for a successful launch. Whatever the case may be, we’re sure you might have some questions regarding how exactly application migration works. We’re here to answer them. 

How long does the process usually take? 

The time required for a successful migration depends on how many servers are in the process of being relocated. If any re-platforming or refactoring is required, the time may be extended. Although, trained experts in the field can typically provide small to mid-sized businesses with three business days to complete the migration. To gain a better idea, we’ve outlined the time of completion required depending on the number of servers:

  • 25 servers – 3 business days
  • 26-100 servers – 7 business days
  • 101-500 or more – 15 business days

What are the main benefits of migration to the cloud?

By migrating your data and applications to the cloud, you can eliminate costs and there is no need to hire people to run the system for you. Even better, the security of these applications when being moved to the cloud is enhanced. Cloud providers allow investors to look into more resources to secure their applications. Most of all, the cloud provides the opportunity to store, access, and analyze almost an infinite amount of data. 

Can you migrate all data without any downtime?

Data can be migrated without any downtime. Our only involvement with your server will be the database backups and other assets as provided by your host. As long your data and applications remain stable and do not falter, there will be no need for downtime. After the migration has been launched, we will begin the testing process as your current servers operate independently, allowing you to store more data if need be. 

Will my current host be informed that I am migrating my applications?

In most cases, there is no need to inform your current host that you are migrating applications. Your host may not be aware of the migration until the move is complete, your services are live at the new host, and until you decommission your former hosting account or application. 

How can I test my site during the migration process?

Typically, your engineer will conduct high-level testing to complete the initial migration. Additionally, your engineering will provide you with a simple script and set of instructions to launch what is designed to conduct an update for your computer. You will be able to search and surf through your browser and navigate your applications even before the completion of the migration. If you come to find any issues during the testing site, it is your responsibility to make note of them and inform your engineer of them. 

What can I do in advance to support the process?

For the migration to run smoothly, all technical decisions and alterations must be made aware throughout your company. If the migration process is not thoroughly communicated throughout your departments, it is possible that even a thoroughly designed migration can be discarded altogether, with efforts and investments wasted. Additionally, you will want to clear any poor data management that way it doesn’t interfere with the process. 

Are there different migration strategies?

Several migration strategies typically include Rehost, Replatform, and Refactor. An engineer will most likely choose the quickest and most efficient option and then adapt the solution to the application, as necessary. With these strategies, the migration process provides customers with the opportunity to optimize old (and even outdated) applications and get rid of unnecessary features. Replacing obsolete tools can help you enhance how your application may run. 

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