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Accelerate Your Business with Automated IT Project Management Software

Marble Computer serves customers by streamlining and managing business processes with the availability of our robust IBM Mainframe software tools. IT project management channels the flow of a project’s work, directing its course from A to Z. Solid project management serves as a guide for pending project tasks, with the project outcome being fully formed as they flow through different processes, checks, and balances. Not only does project management add a layer of structure and visibility to your workflow but it also helps you turn your ideas into products and concepts into processes.

The software we offer includes the following:

How We Work — Our IT Project Management Services

Marble Computer goes about different factors to enhance project management within your business, including:

COBOL Documentation

Our Control/DCD software tool documents existing COBOL programs and applications.

Migration to IBM Enterprise COBOL Compilers

Control/DCD’s Digital Documentation Manual points to current coding errors in existing programs that are incompatible with COBOL 6.X.

Documenting COBOL Applications

Project management needs a blueprint of the current state of COBOL applications in order to perform extensive changes to existing systems. Control/DCD’s Enhanced Compile Mode option accomplishes that function.

System Changes Involving Extensive Coding Changes

With Control/DCD’ System Analytics Project Managers can better estimate the cost and timeframe for project success.

The Benefits of Project Automation for Businesses

Project automation software is accompanied by benefits that eliminate the need for labor-intensive human intervention. The primary benefit of automated project management is that it saves time. Software specialized for projects is enabled to complete a job with accuracy by improving the speed and reduce the mechanical repetition of steps. 

Automated projects result in fewer administrative errors as it also eliminates the manual process of inputting data.  With detailed reports from Marble Computer software products, organizations can easily identify critical defects such as application logic errors, program coding errors, system duplications, and project cost overruns. The ability to take action based on relevant data in a timely manner is possible with the use of Control/DCD.

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Choose Marble Computer for Efficient IT Project Management

Our software provides years of use in the largest organizations in the world.  Control/DCD and its predecessor versions have analyzed billions of lines of COBOL code.  It has enabled new COBOL programmers to easily make coding changes. Control/DCD helps project managers better understand the requirements of the project even at the lowest level of detail. Contact us today
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