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Marble Computer | Specialized in COBOL 6.2 Migrations

Marble Computer understands how important it is to provide clean, optimized COBOL code for an Application’s Life Cycle. Providing application performance analytics before and after migration to COBOL 6.2 allows IT management to reap the benefits of Enterprise COBOL. This data can provide future guidance for your applications and be significant when it comes to reducing future work stoppages. Marble Computer is endowed with the skills and appropriate knowledge to help you migrate your computer applications to COBOL 6.2.

Marble Computer Utilizes Control/DCD For COBOL Migrations

The Control/DCD pre-compiler function has the capability to provide significant information on the incompatibilities between the old version of IBM COBOL compilers and the newer enterprise compilers. Control/DCD is guaranteed to capture and report on problematic code in all divisions of a COBOL program. This includes data errors, perform errors, and inconsistencies between the use of data elements and perform usage. This program is also designed to point to “Code Not Used” and potential ABEND occurrences. There are many types of other errors that the Control/DCD pre-compiler will catch thus making migrations to enterprise COBOL compilers faster and less costly.

Optimization Functions and Features Through COBOL Migrations

Once you’ve tested and debugged your COBOL programs, it becomes necessary to optimize them. The features that COBOL 6.2 is encompassed around are vast. COBOL 6.2 focuses on perform statements that can be made more efficiently by block reordering or by being replaced with more efficient inline code. COBOL 6.2 also focuses on compute statements, especially anywhere that significant arithmetic is prevalent. 

Migrating to COBOL 6.2 moves arithmetic to higher-performing, newer instructions. Decimal arithmetic can be made exceptionally fast by utilizing newer z/Systems hardware, z/13, or higher. Conversions to and from were especially slow on COBOL Versions 4.2 and earlier. The new and improved conversion instructions accelerate COBOL migrations via simpler, and more effective guidelines.

What Can Occur if COBOL Migrations Are Done Incorrectly

There are many issues that a company can run into if they fail to take up COBOL migrations with a professional.  One can run into problems with hardware resources, spillovers to a GCP, incurring MIPS charges, performance glitches, and the change of methodologies in maintenance when migrating to COBOL 6.2. In order to complete a successful application of COBOL 6.2, it is important to roll out your programs by documenting the migration process. This will serve as a template for subsequent rollouts. It can also prove useful to go back and review to layout a good strategy for continuing your COBOL migration.

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Choose Marble Computer for COBOL Migrations and Applications

COBOL, a mainframe business-critical application, is a legacy application that requires a revamping in this day in age where technology is constantly evolving and changing. In order to maximize your market share and increase your overall operational efficiency, it has become of the utmost importance for companies and organizations to adopt newer and updated applications and software. COBOL 6.2 is not only easy to access and maneuver, but it is also multifaceted, which enables the application to be interconnected and collaborative in programming nature. 

The adaptability of COBOL 6.2 makes it responsive and scalable, thus catering to the future of businesses and commercial technology. If you want to make your business available and accessible in all areas of your collaborative facility, it could be in your best interest to consider our COBOL migration software tools. Contact Marble Computer to allow COBOL 6.2 to help your business grow in the midst of the everchanging business and technology realm.