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Meet the COBOL Professionals at Marble Computer

The COBOL professionals at Marble Computer have proudly supported IBM mainframe companies with software products since 1983. Marble Computer was founded by Marshal Crawford and Fred Noble. Marshal Crawford was the technical wizard, and Fred Noble was the marketing guru. Marble Computer arose out of the demand set by clients and for the need to maintain COBOL programs.

At Marble Computer, we provide prospective companies with years of experience, intellect, and knowledge necessary to contribute. We’ve become a crucial segment of the market that serves large businesses as well as federal, state, and local governments. Our COBOL professionals created software that went beyond what any other computing or software company could do. We have grown into a company that is the leader in COBOL Analytics for large IBM customers and their computing environments everywhere.

Migrating to COBOL 6.2: Our Focus

In 1959, the U.S. government was dealing with multiple computer manufacturers, which led the CODASYL Committee to recommended vendors to work with a single-standard programming language known as COBOL

Marble Computer was quick to observe that the availability of COBOL programmers was shrinking, so our company took it upon ourselves to re-orient our product to accommodate to the way new Mainframe computing applications are being written. We are more than aware of the fact that, by today’s standard, maintaining COBOL code is difficult due to the fact that the knowledge of the original code is long gone. 

Our business is encompassed around adding new COBOL software tools in a way that makes it easier for a COBOL programmer to understand the logic of the program. The mission of Marble Computer is to provide Control/DCD to as many IBM mainframe organizations that exist in the United States and worldwide. We constantly find the opportunity to advance Control/DCD’s use during the current wave of COBOL 6.2 migrations, which is the latest and most efficient COBOL compiler that IBM has ever developed for its z/OS clients.

How We Gain the Trust of Our Clients

The COBOL professionals at Marble Computer understand the intricacies that most companies don’t when it comes to COBOL code. The packages we sell are accompanied by maintenance services which include new releases and training.  

Our company leadership is highlighted by Marshal Crawford, CTO. Mr. Crawford is an accredited expert on the COBOL language having published five books that go into depth about COBOL programming.  

Clients can cut costs by purchasing software from Marble Computer as we are focused on the programmer that actually does the necessary maintenance and migration to COBOL 6.2. We reduce the time to migrate significantly as this saves money. 

Software Solutions | Always Available Through Marble Computer

As knowledgeable COBOL professionals, we engage customers and potential clients through marketing programs and by networking with sponsored groups.  We attend trade conferences where we are able to present papers on our solutions and customer experiences. 

We extend support to our customers through maintenance agreements and through webinar training sessions. Marble Computer has a long consistent history of providing maintenance services at a fair and reasonable price.  

If you are interested in migrating to COBOL 6.2, you can contact us today for more information regarding our services. 

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