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COBOL Development
The Solution Application for Your Business

Marble Computer provides Control/DCD for COBOL Development and Maintenance. Control/DCD provides COBOL Documentation and Analytics for COBOL Applications and individual COBOL programs. Control/DCD requires very little programmer intervention to obtain the resulting output.  The output is delivered as a Digital Documentation Manual in .pdf format.  The output is easy to read and understand.  Training is available via online Webinar.  Maintenance services offer updates to Control/DCD as well as 24-hour technical support. 

Our COBOL development services extend to the following:

Mainframe applications

Our programmers are enabled to test, develop, and launch business applications via COBOL 6.2, the latest version of COBOL. Our services entail engineering mission-critical applications and systems, modernized interfaces, all while ensuring availability. 

Maintenance and Migrations

In addition to solution applications, the professionals at Marble Computer are also experts in completing software development lifecycle services. We update and maintain legacy COBOL software and provide migration to COBOL 6.2. Our expertise includes all versions of COBOL dating back to the COBOL D Compiler.

Industry-inclined services

Marble Computer has experience in a variety of industries such as banking, insurance, state federal and local government, utilities, finance, and more. Hiring an expert with experience in your industry’s regulations and standards is optimal. Our expertise in COBOL enables us to execute the highest quality of migration and development services. 

Why COBOL Development is Essential for Your Industry

COBOL has been one of the most widely used choices of computer and application language for businesses, financial organizations, and administrative systems worldwide. This is tied to the fact that COBOL is capable of dealing with a diverse set of processing procedures. Throughout the years, COBOL has developed a very large user base and millions of programs have been immersed in the COBOL language. 

A large portion of mission-critical business systems around the world have been able to develop with the use of COBOL as the solution application is simple to learn, develop, maintain, and utilize. Above all, COBOL is portable and is cross-platform efficient. It can be moved around different standard hardware and software system with no risk of losing valuable data. 

Develop Your Legacy Applications with Marble Computer’s COBOL Software Tools.

Marble Computer has been a market leader and provider of COBOL software tools for the development of applications and programs for over 35 years. If your business is in need of COBOL development aids, Marble Computer can support you. Contact us today for assistance in migrating to COBOL and for legacy modernization services.