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What are the differences between COBOL and Java

In the world of technology and computer programming, there are several major languages and programs that get utilized. Among the many different languages that get used for computer programming, COBOL and Java are a few of the most common. While new languages are emerging almost annually, COBOL and Java still have their place in the computer world. 

However, if you aren’t super familiar with programming languages, you may not know the difference between COBOL and Java. If you want to maximize your productivity, it’s important to understand that COBOL and Java are two different things and get used in different ways. 

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COBOL Definition and Applications

COBOL, which stands for common business-oriented language, is one of the oldest programming languages in the world. It’s a compiled language that uses the English format, and businesses and large corporations most often use it. While COBOL is most often utilized as an imperative, procedural computer language, it can also get used as an object-oriented programming language. 

Thousands of systems and mainframes were founded using COBOL, and those systems need to be maintained. While some are updating COBOL to more modern languages, it remains the preferred programming language for large computer mainframes used by businesses, governments, and other large-scale business and commerce purposes. 

Java Definition and Applications

Java is also a slightly older programming language. Whereas COBOL is more imperative and procedural-oriented, Java is more object-oriented as a language. 

Whereas COBOL is typically only used for business and commerce purposes, Java is a common language for all forms of computer programming. Java also uses different techniques and structures than COBOL. As such, Java is more commonplace than COBOL, with the exception of programs and systems that were designed with COBOL. 

Differences and Advantages of COBOL Vs. Java

As you can see, while COBOL and Java are both computer programming languages and are somewhat similar, they’re also very different, and here’s why. 

  1. Despite updates, COBOL is more of a procedural language, and Java is more object-oriented. 
  2. COBOL uses a structured technique for its language, while Java uses an 00 implementation. 
  3. Java is more popular in the modern world than COBOL. 
  4. Java is used in a variety of industries and implementations, whereas COBOL is reserved for business and commerce. 
  5. Java works on small devices and appliances, while COBOL works best on massive computer mainframes. 

Is COBOL Better Than Java? 

It’s difficult to say whether one programming language is better than another. There’s no doubt that COBOL is older than Java. However, there’s also something to be said about the fact that COBOL is a program that was designed in the 1960s and is still extremely important and vital in business and commerce industries today. 

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