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10 Best Software Development and Programming Tools for Businesses 

The software developers at Marble Computer understand just how important it is for your business to simplify and speed up tasks. The better computing tools you have, the faster, more modern, and richer in features your applications and tasks will turn out to be. 

Using the best software development tools out there can lead to better business performance and more earnings in the long run. Ultimately, that’s the goal of every business, so investing in these programming tools can grant you a lifetime of success. 

It can be hard to know where to start if you’re unfamiliar with the field of software development and programming tools. We’ve done our research, so we’re here to show you some of the best tools you could use to optimize your applications and business operations.


This application is designed as a low-code tool to automate backend applications and online services. Backend applications are programs that support front-end user services and interfaces with any required external resources. It mediates from front-end to back-end activities. This tool is perfect for businesses opting for custom services and calls for easy integration of databases. 

Zoho Creator 

Similar to Linx, this tool is also a low-code platform that calls for rapid development services and delivery of web and application functions and requests. This allows for shorter codes. It also offers key features such as JavaScript, if this is the language your computing system runs on. It has Cloud functions if you would like to continue using this tool as well. 


This has become a popular tool because it is open-sourced and free for businesses. This tool is written in Java that runs on international web, mobile, and desktop applications. This tool is great for businesses worldwide. It also uses C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, should you find that your computer does not use Java. 


If your business is in the process of creating more responsive websites and digital platforms, Bootstrap is the tool you’re looking for. Just like NetBeans, it is open-sourced and free for businesses. This is a great tool because it helps create websites through a fast and easy method for developers. 


GeneXus is a tool that is equipped with several applications and features. GeneXus has become a preferred tool by many businesses because it tends to the needs of users and creates new applications that can work for both present and future technologies without requiring users to learn a whole new source of technology. 


If you’re looking for a database designer and manager, DbSchema is just the right tool for you. This tool is made to work with SQL, NoSQL, or Cloud databases. This tool is primarily meant to allow users to design the schema in a team for which it can be deployed in multiple databases, stretching across an entire computing unit. 

Cloud9 IDE

This tool is more of an online environment, but it can be used all the same. It is one of the best software tools when it comes to working with computer programming languages such as C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Node.js. It can clone an entire development environment and add features to the same programs. 

Zend Studio 

If you’re looking to help your software developers to code faster and debug your applications, this tool is just for you and your business. It offers boosted and enhanced developer productivity, therefore downtime is kept to a minimum when updating your business applications. Overall, it is one of the best programming tools that aims to help development. 


This desktop editor is up-to-date and user-friendly for everyone in your business. This tool supports cross-platform editing should you have different applications, such as Windows, Linux, or OS X, anything of the sort. It also allows users to customize the User Interface and add other important features for enhanced computing. 

Spiralogics Application Architecture 

This all-encompassing tool can define, design, customize, and publish software applications online without requiring the need for coding. This tool is all-inclusive and makes working with several platforms simple. This tool allows developers to look at changes before deploying applications, offering reassurance like no other tool. 

Learn More About the Tools that Can Best Support Your Business with Marble Computer 

That is our comprehensive list of some of the best software development and programming tools, perfect for startup businesses and much more. Of course, we’re here to optimize your applications. We, ourselves, can provide the best tools possible for your business. If you want more information about tools that can help your business, contact us today.