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Our products enable application management to successfully modify and update COBOL-based applications.

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Application Refactoring & Modernization

IBM COBOL Listing Enhancements

COBOL Analytics & Documentation

Marble Computer is one of the oldest Independent Software Vendors for IBM Mainframe organizations.  We provide enterprise organizations with COBOL analysis and documentation software tools. We have helped businesses and government agencies with COBOL conversions, maintenance, and refactoring on z/OS Mainframes.

Why Excellence Matters

Make Marble Computer Your Software Company

Marble Computer is a veteran-owned software company that specializes in helping IBM Enterprise customers maintain and improve their COBOL-based applications. Our software company excels in the areas of analyzing COBOL programs and applications.

Marble Computer is the COBOL Analytics Company. When a company chooses us for our software, they can expect better programmer productivity and more efficient code execution.

Our Control/DCD offers the following features:

Marble Computer Takes On All Perplexing Challenges

Application modernization is a fact of life for most IT organizations and any software company. The use of new computing platforms such as the Cloud as well as new mobile computing devices has created challenges far beyond one could ever imagine a few years ago. However, these Legacy Applications contain the mission-critical data processes of past generations. The key to success is to unearth these secrets and accurately upgrade these Legacy Applications or move them to new platforms as required. At Marble Computer, we have the software products to make this task easier.

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A History of Our Clientele

Marble Computer has a long history of supporting enterprise computing clients that date back to 1975. Marble Computer delivers best-of-breed software tools for IBM mainframe customers to ensure the integrity, performance and analysis of their COBOL applications.

Our flagship product, Control/DCD, documents COBOL programs with Control/DCD’s Enhanced Compile Mode and the Digital Document Manual (DDM) technology.

Marble Computer’s software tools focus on COBOL Maintenance, Code Refactoring, Legacy Modernization and Migration to COBOL 6.X.

Control/DCD Addresses Three Major Areas of
COBOL Application Maintenance

Migration to COBOL 6.X

Our Control/DCD product has many features that support migration to COBOL 6.2 and beyond.

We offer solutions for problematic conversion issues like: Invalid Data, Call Parameter inconsistencies, Invalid Table handling, Invalid use of Packed Decimal and Binary data fields, Invalid Perform Errors and more.

COBOL Code Refactoring

The purpose of refactoring is to change a program’s readability with the intent to bring the overall ease of understanding

to a higher level. Control/DCD supports Code Refactoring projects via its ability to direct a programmer to the usage of Perform Routines. Additional information includes Data Field analysis and the complete flow of any Data Field including the hierarchy of its performed routines.

IBM Compiler Report Enhancements

Control/DCD features now include the Special Narrative within the Enhanced Compile Mode (ECM) option. 

ECM enhances the standard COBOL Listing by providing additional information not provided by any of the IBM Compilers. Added within the compiler’s standard listing, the Special Narrative provides information about the Data Division and Procedure Division not found in any other COBOL software tool.

Our Clients

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COBOL has been around since 1960 and it still accounts for the majority of business transactions and processing functions of today. Marble Computer provides software tools to enable companies to understand how and why changes must be applied to their applications.
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