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Legacy Modernization, DevOps, Cloud Migrations, Workload Management are all challenges for Mainframe Management and Technicians. At Marble, we have you covered.


Simplify Migration to IBM's COBOL 6.2

Control/DCD – Aids in COBOL 6.2 Migration Projects by providing detailed analysis of older COBOL programs for compliance with the new Enterprise COBOL Compilers


Legacy Modernization & Application Migrations

Re-engineer Mainframe Applications quickly and economically with: Control/DCD Ripple-TracRES


Document the IT Enterprise

Control/DCD - Digital Documentation Manual
Ripple-Trac - Document & Convert Legacy Data Files
Docet/EV - Automate Enterprise Wide Documentation


Perplexing Challenges

Application Modernization is a fact of life for most IT organizations. The use of new computing platforms like the Cloud as well as new mobile computing devices has created challenges far beyond ever imagined a few years ago. However, these Legacy Applications contain the mission critical data processes of past generations.The goal to success is to unearth these secrets and accurately upgrade these Legacy Applications or move them to new platforms as required. At Marble Computer, we have the software products to make this task easier.


Marble Computer has a long history of supporting Enterprise Computing clients that date back to 1977.

Our flagship product, Control/DCD, documents COBOL programs with our Digital Document Manual (DDM) technology.  Docet/EV Documents the IT Enterprise.  Ripple-Trac helps convert Legacy Data to RDBMs platforms.

Marble Computer’s software tools focus on Dev/Ops, Legacy Modernization and Cloud Migration projects.  Our mission is to provide automated Documentation Tools across all computing platforms.

Latest Tools

IBM Tools

Marble Computer is a z/OS Software Reseller specializing in the Problem Determination Tools. The PD Tools are a one-for-one direct replacement for Compuware, ASG and CA compatible products.


Control/DCD is the latest version of the DCD Data Correlation and Document product. Control/DCD significantly reduces the cost of maintaining COBOL applications and produces the Digital Documentation Manual (DDM).

DCD Pre-Compiler for COBOL 6.2

Control/DCD has the necessary functionality to provide warnings and capture errors in older versions of IBM compilers.  There are many types of errors that the Control/DCD Pre-Compiler will catch thus making migrations to Enterprise COBOL compilers faster and less costly.


Ripple-Trac provides critical information for those Mainframe IT organizations engaging in Legacy Modernization projects.  Information about Data, Applications and Business Logic is captured and displayed in Excel worksheets.


RES is an advanced set of software products for documenting the IT Enterprise. Docet/EV is a must have tool for Legacy Modernization, DevOps and Cloud Migration implementations.


Control/SE is a standalone software product designed to help the Novice Programmer quickly and accurately makes changes to an existing COBOL program.  Control/SE is easy to use and learn.

Featured Articles and White

Future of Cobol

Managing COBOL Code for Mainframe Applications has become a difficult task. The shortage of experienced mainframe programmers has left organizations with little choice but to offshore the maintenance of the application code with less experienced programmers or try to develop in-house COBOL programming talent.

White Paper – The Future of COBOL and COBOL Programmers

Marble Welcomes our Newest Control/DCD Clients

  • Anthem Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina
  • Healthcare Services
  • Caterpillar
  • Social Security Administrations
  • State of California
  • State of Illinois
  • Florida Power & Light

Control/DCD for Conversion to COBOL v.6.2

Control/DCD is a useful software tool for the conversion of COBOL applications to the new IBM COBOL compiler known as
Version 6.1. For many large organizations the continued use of the Mainframe platform is justified as a back end data server. This is true for 2 reasons, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and security. So we find Mainframes still processing large batch jobs utilizing COBOL code that goes back 40-50 years. The “Tribal Knowledge” is long gone.

To read the full brochure or to download click here.

VSAM Performance Improvement

Ripple-Trac is a VSAM Performance Improvement tool that allows DASD Management to better regulate the response times from both online and batch applications. It helps in correcting structural flaws in VSAM parameters that may have been set 10-20 years’ prior as legacy applications continue to be productive in today’s mainframe environment.

As transactional based workloads increase to greater volume, VSAM files tend to become less responsive due to creating additional records in overflow areas. The overflow also creates split records and inefficient use of the storage media.

The typical solution in response to poor response times is to reorganize the VSAM file(s) to regain DASD space and put those additional records in the main files in the allocation of cylinders/tracks.

While it’s customary for these reorgs to occur at off times rather than at peak hours sometimes, due to extraordinary volumes of transactions reorgs have to be scheduled at no peak hours putting sections of an application out of service.

Ripple-Trac will solve the aforementioned problems and help IT maintain their Service Level Agreement with their customer.

Control/DCD Brochure

Managing Source Code on Mainframe Applications has become a difficult task. The shortage of experienced COBOL mainframe programmers has left organization’s with a dilemma regarding the maintenance of the application code. Most of today’s COBOL programmers have little knowledge of the Legacy Application’s logic or the business rules.

IBM Reseller Announcement

Marble Computer is pleased to announce that we are now an IBM Partner reselling z/OS software products. Our focus initially will be in the application development tools Rational and Problem Determination Tools.


Ripple-Trac helps one of the world’s largest investment firms manage their Trading Platform by reducing their CPU cycles and keeping trading response times to under 2 seconds per trade. With over 35,000 VSAM files this company used Ripple-Trac to solve their biggest problem. Download Case Study Here.

Control/SE Brochure

Control/SE creates a new powerful way to use the ISPF editor that makes it simple for the COBOL programmer to quickly understand the flow of the program as to data and process.  Business rules are easily interpreted, data analysis is made simple, dead code is found and can be eliminated.  By using the &, as in ‘Find &Operand, the programmer isnow in control of the code from the Working Storage Section to Procedure Division including all Record formats as well as all Copybooks.
To download the Brochure click here.

Why Marble’s Control/DCD is Useful for Converting to COBOL 5 or 6

The observation made on our part is that companies are looking at what is needed for conversion to COBOL 5 or 6 and moving very slowly to do the conversion.
There may be several reasons for moving slowly and only one of these reasons may be the time to convert the COBOL, yet the time to do the conversion is still a significant consideration.
Download the full Article Here.

“Those of you who are familiar with legacy systems know the widely cited stat: *70-80% of all business transactions worldwide are written in COBOL. That represents 220-350 Billion lines of COBOL Code. And there are roughly 1.5 Billion lines of new code created each year. *Gartner/IBM”

“Is COBOL the dinosaur language that will eventually go away? Think twice, Fortune 500 IT Executives must figure out who will maintain their mainframes when COBOL programmers retire in the future. The cost to convert is too expensive.”

“The Mainframe is not going away. Organizations worldwide run between 220-350 billion lines of code today. It would be a herculean feat to replace every single program with a new language without introducing detrimental bugs. Oh, and the cost would be in the Trillions of Dollars. *Gartner/IBM”

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