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COBOL Conversions from Marble Computer

If you’re in the process of converting your business’ current computer applications to a computing platform where COBOL is not supported, then Marble Computer can help. We’re here to assist you to transition from any version of COBOL. We utilize conversion tools such as Control/DCD to make these conversions as effective and as smooth as possible. Your business will benefit highly from the conversion of COBOL to systems such as Java and C++ solutions. In these instances, Marble Computer can provide the most fitting solutions.

Here to Help You Convert COBOL Applications 

When you choose the professionals from Marble Computer, you experience decades of industry-leading expertise. We aim to make your coding run as efficiently as possible at costs and rates you can work with. Additionally, we apply specialty processors to avoid pitfalls and potential hardware problems. We can assess the makeup of your current COBOL applications and help your organization build a conversion plan that carries over all the Business Rules. 

COBOL Functionalities We Can Convert

Our COBOL conversion services are offered with updated features and functionalities to enhance the basic operation of your computer application. 

  • Java and web applications
  • Remote web workloads
  • Server applications 
  • Remove dead code 

In turn, these features are essential for high-quality performance, runtime, and processing. COBOL conversions are guaranteed to allow your new computing platform to function according to the project’s designed goals. 

Other COBOL-Related Services Available 

In addition to COBOL conversion, Marble Computer proudly offers other services to maintain your current computer application. Our COBOL-related services include the following: 

Through our COBOL services, we’re able to provide you with comprehensive documentation for existing COBOL applications targeted for migration to new computing platforms.

Get Started with Marble Computer for COBOL Conversion and More

If you’re staying on the mainframe and COBOL is still a “go-to” coding language, then choosing Marble Computer to keep your applications intact and in optimal performance is essential for your business’ operation, productivity, and so much more. Contact the professionals at Marble Computer today to make the innovations you need for high-quality computing and processing. 

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